Download SAMPRO FRP Bypass Tool V3.0 By Mahmoud Saleh. As many Samsung users know SamFirms FRP/MDM Bypass Tool or SamFirm AIO Tool as the SAMPRO Tool is a window Tool that allows Android users to reset their Gmail account, Bypass FRP Lock, Remove device PIN Pattern or any security code with one click.

With this tool, you can perform various tasks on Samsung, MediaTek, Qualcomm, and Spreadtrum devices. These tasks included reading the information, checking the SIM lock status, factory resetting, rebooting, bypassing Knox and KG MTK, enabling/disabling system UI and updates, resetting FRP, and flashing full or custom partitions. 

You can perform all these tasks for Samsung, Xiaomi, and Qualcomm devices, as well as MediaTek and Spreadtrum devices. It also supports unlocking bootloaders and bypassing Mi Account, among other tasks.

Download SamPro FRP Bypass Tool V3 

MediaFire link
SamProTool_V3.0_setup.ZIP (File Extract Password 12345678)
Download One Click FRP Bypass Tool Free  

What's New in SamPro V3 Tool?

1. Redesigned User Interface:

What's New:-

[++] Some Changes and updates in the User Interface


[*] Add Direct Remove FRP USA Devices in MTP Mode.

[*] Add Change CSC in MTP Mode.

[*] Add New Flash Method.

[*] Support Old Model In Download Mode To Enable ADB.


[+] Add to Support New CPU in Brom Or Preloader.

[*] Add Reset privacy protection password in Brom.


[+] Add to Support Factory Reset + FRP in Flash Mode.


[+] Update More Models with Safe format in EDL Mode (UFS).

[+] Update More Models with Reset FRP in EDL Mode (UFS).

** Fixed Bugs


If already Installed SamPro tool v2.0 update will be auto

2. New Menu for Android Devices:

- Added a new menu for Android devices with various commands that can be executed in MTP, ADB, and Fastboot modes:

1. MTP:

- Read device info

- Bypass launching a browser for any detected model in MTP

- Directly open websites or apps, settings, calls, etc., on the device

2. ADB, Fastboot:

- Read device info

- Reset factory settings

- Reset FRP (Factory Reset Protection)

- Reboot the device into other modes

3. Samsung:

- Added FRP (Factory Reset Protection) bypass using *#0*# for new security as of 6/ 2023

- Added the ability to bypass launching the browser in MTP mode

4. MediaTek (MTK):

- Fixed slow operations during startup

- Added Huawei ID bypass for older security versions

5. Qualcomm and Xiaomi:

- Fixed various bugs

6. SpreadTrum:

- Introduced new operations in diag mode

- Simplified the process by allowing device connection in the power-off state without using any buttons

- Added factory reset, and enter/exit diag mode options

7. Huawei:

- Introduced a new section, "Fastboot," with the following options:

- Read device info

- Reset FRP (bootloader unlocked)

- Unlock bootloader, relock, reset FRP (by code)

- USB COM 0 TP reset FRP

- Supported some CPUs (not all)

Activation one time no need to renew
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