Samsung One UI tip for Samsung Galaxy users

Multi-window mode, or split-screen mode, is one of the most unique features of Samsung's One UI. Designed to boost productivity, it's…

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How to Easily Switch Between Band Modes on Your Samsung Device

There are a few ways to switch between band modes on your Samsung Galaxy device. One way is to go into…

@Samfirms / 1 years ago / 238 views


Samsung Galaxy devices that will receive the One UI 4.1

The One UI 4.0 and Android 12 are now available for a few Galaxy devices, but Samsung is working on updating…

@Samfirms / 1 years ago / 208 views


What is FRP and why do you need to bypass it?

FRP is a security feature that was introduced in Android 5.0 "Lollipop". It is designed to protect your device from unauthorized…

@Samfirms / 1 years ago / 436 views


Samsung Galaxy M13 and M13 5G will launch in India in July 14 2022

The Galaxy M13 and the Galaxy M13 5G may soon be making their way to India. The two models were unveiled by Samsung in…

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